Hillman Innovations

To make your biggest dreams come true, Hillman team constantly researches, tests and creates innovative items. Hillman hunting products are developed based on years of experience and workmanship, while incorporating new ideas and solutions. Innovation combined with traditional European attention to quality sets our products apart from other hunting gear manufacturers. We are very excited to offer our line of products to Canadian customers.

We create unique, one of a kind items designed especially for you. Our goal is to ensure our products provide ultimate comfort and maximum satisfaction. Try them now and recommend us to your friends!

Here you will find only some of the innovations that Hillman first offers to the world. These and other innovations will delight you when you wear our products.

Handsfree Sling

The Unique “Handsfree” sling

After numerous experiments and 17 prototypes we created this truly unique sling which is the only one of its kind allowing freedom of the hands and possibility for instant action.

Memory Foam

Global innovation for clothing and accessories with memory function

Hillman company always searches for optimal solutions with ultimate comfort in mind.¬†Therefore we were the first to build ‚ÄúMemory foam‚ÄĚ panels in hunting hats, caps and¬†jackets in our Exclusive series. It brings the hunting clothing to a new level of perfect comfort.


Holsterpack – unique 3 in 1 hunting system

After trying several ideas for integrating a guncase into a backpack, we transformed the case into an excellent holster pack, which allows you to carry the gun on your back, while leaving it easily accessible for shooting. This one of a kind backpack provides sufficient storage with quick access to any necessary gear and provides maximum functionality by turning from a fast access holster into a pack or a comfortable guncase.

Aluminium Insulation

Innovative and effective clothes with aluminium lining

Our inspiration came from observing aluminium foil near a fireplace. The fireplace was so hot that it was impossible to stay nearby, however aluminium foil placed near it was absolutely cold. We decided to build aluminium lining into our clothing in Exclusive and Muscle series. The aluminium lining creates a mirror effect, which reflects heat and cold and helps maintaining comfortable body temperature. In the cold weather, the aluminium lining keeps the hunter warm by preventing body heat from escaping, while reflecting the cold outside. On the other hand, in a warmer weather the aluminium reflects the hot rays and keeps a comfortably cooler temperature inside.

All season cap

Hillman first create a hat for four seasons

These hats and caps were designed to provide incredible hunter’s flexibility during different seasons. After extensive tests we found that problems with sudden temperature changes, precipitation or wrong weather forecasts no longer exist.


Hunting backpack with a built-in lightweight polymer chair

Our goal was to create something more comfortable and practical than a backpack with an attached metal frame chair, which is bulky and awkward for you and your back. As a result, we constructed a unique backpack with a built-in chair that can be removed when not needed. Now you can enjoy the increased comfort whether you are carrying the pack, taking a rest or stalking the game.

Folding Cap

Hillman’s super compact cap with a folding peak

Compact size has always been very important for hunters. To address this need, we developed a new technology that allows caps to become a super compact accessory, fitting into any pocket.

Dryhands Raincover

One of a kind raincover for quick shooting and dry hands

Every hunter knows how uncomfortable it is to hold your gun in a cold rain, and how your hands get wet. So we created this raincover, which keeps your hands and arms dry and allows instant shooting.


Hillman creates a cartridge belt with spacious compartments.

We know that in the heat of the summer, one would like to hunt wearing only a t-shirt. Therefore we decided to design a cartridge belt with compartments large enough to contain any necessary gear. It turns out that apart from creating space for various accessories and ammunition, we have created a perfect gun rest space which allows you to carry you gun without thinking about its weight.